Multi Family Homes

Multi Family Homes

Multifamily homes in Austin, TX

Real Estate in Austin for a multifamily home is available to you with lots of different options. You may find a house in the low hundred thousands going up to multi-million dollar properties depending on the size, location and features of the multifamily home. Look at the multifamily listings we have provided for you below, to find your next home in Austin.

What is a Multifamily Home?

A multifamily property is a place for more than one family to live on a single property. Commonly multifamily homes consist of two to four different units. Typically each unit will have its own bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living areas.

Benefits of Buying a Multifamily Home

A multifamily home can be a great way to enter the real estate market. If you don’t have much for a down payment and would like an investment property, than a multifamily home is perfect for you. It is commonly fairly easy to get into your first piece of real estate by buying a multifamily home. Although you are responsible for upkeep on the home including landscaping, replacements and fixes.

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